Quarantine Programming

Logging In Like a Boss
Garage Explanations
Truck Pullups, actually quite challenging

Hey Friends,

During this time of quarantine we will still be programming workouts on Wodify for you to view. We are encouraging everyone to continue to log in and post their scores daily and help keep each other accountable. While isolation is difficult, we must not let our health and fitness suffer because of it. We can do this! Workout explanations, warm ups, and scaling options will go up every day at 4:30 on our Instagram/Facebook stories. We will also do a warm up post on Instagram so each video will repeat automatically if you like to warm up right along with the videos. Private message us anytime you need some equipment for the day’s WOD and we will make sure you have access to what you need. Take care everyone, ain’t no quarantine gonna keep us down!

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